#TheReadingQuest // where i perform mighty deeds to slay the enemy aka my tbr

because let's be honest. tbr's haunt us in our sleep.

never giving us the peace of being read all the way through, the endless lists nag at the back of our minds, constantly growing their forces and plotting to slap us in the face when we least expect it.

oh yes hello tbr

i wasn't planning on making a whole post on just the few books i'm planning on reading, but uh CW and Aentee didn't exactly help matters so here i am. this may or may not end up with me sobbing in a corner from lack of reading speed.


august goals // farewell summer, til we meet again *tear*

with the start of a new month comes the start of new goals. july's coming to a close, so i better make myself some standards for this next month so i don't end up wasting away my life again.

whooo lez do this.


summer of 2017 // in which i bore you all with the details of my life in the boonies

well would you lookie here. the wild oreo-devourer(ererer? idk) has returned to succumb these lands with more oreos. brace yourself.


hey fren // the beginning of something potentially hazardous

hello there, whoever stumbled across this corner of the interwebs.

welcome to the youngest perks.